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The Toonerville Trolley

Thick Tahquamenon Forest

Along the Tahquamenon River

Bird Lovers Paradise

Your Real Adventure Awaits

Upper Tahquamenon Falls

Authentic narrow gauge railroad, takes you 5 1/2 miles through thick forest, the habitat of bear, deer, moose, gray wolf, and many types of birds.

Amazing views of wildlife right from the comfort of your seat train seat. This entire trip is perfect for the entire family!

Boarding the Hiawatha, guests will experience a once in a life-time opportunity on our riverboat tour. This is the only trip to the Tahquamenon Falls.

More than 300 species, including the rarities, have been documented using this migration corridor. Make sure to bring your camera!

By rail and riverboat, experience a real adventure through the forest, through the Tahquamenon River and down to the Tahquamenon Falls.

The upper falls as seen from the train and riverboat tour

Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat Tours & the Famous Toonerville Trolley 

Our Tahquamenon Falls wilderness excursions are located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. All tours begin from our depot at Soo Junction Just 2 minutes off highway M-28 at mile marker #246. Tours start June 16 and run through October 6, 2018. 

Tour #2

Toonerville Trolley Wilderness Train Ride

Ride the longest 24" gauge railroad in the country 5 1/2 miles through Michigan wilderness rail through habitat that is home to many of Michigan's wildlife species. At the end of the line, passengers disembark for a short stopover.

Enjoy a view of the Tahquamenon River at our riverside park, then ride the train back to Soo Junction. Concessions and restroom are available during the stopover. This tour does not visit the Tahquamenon Falls.

The ride takes 1 3/4 hours, and is available July 2nd through September 2nd.

Upper Peninsula Train and Riverboat Tours - Tahquamenon River and Falls UP Tours - Make Reservations for your Upper Peninsula Train and Boat Tour Today
Toonerville Trolley

Tour #1

6 1/2 hour Train and Riverboat Tour to the Tahquamenon Falls

This 6 1/2 hour wilderness tour starts with a 35 minute narrow gauge train ride, followed by a 2 hour riverboat cruise. After reaching the falls, the riverboat docks for one hour and fifteen minutes, allowing for a 5/8 mile nature hike to our private view of the upper Tahquamenon Falls. After the stopover, the riverboat and train retrace their route back to Soo Junction. 

Tours start June 16 and run through October 6 2018, check schedule for full availability. Advance reservations recommended 

Upper Peninsula Train and Riverboat Tours - Tahquamenon River and Falls UP Tours - Make Reservations for your Upper Peninsula Train and Boat Tour Today

The Riverboat Hiawatha

The Hiawatha offers two decks, with enclosed and open air seating. During the cruise, the captain provides narration on points of interest including: logging history, Native American history, animals, birds, fauna and flora.

An on-board lunch counter offer burgers, sandwiches, nachos and more. The beverage bar stocks Pepsi products, domestic beer, wine, coolers and snacks. The lunch counter and bar are cash only.

The nature hike to view the falls is not handicap accessible and is not recommended for people with serious health or walking problems. There are 2 stairways (40 and 62 steps) at the viewing area, which get you closer to the falls for the best views. There is a limited view of the falls from the trail without climbing the stairs. Passengers are welcome to stay on the boat during the stopover, however your unable to see the falls without hiking.

 Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls Riverboat Tour and the Famous Toonerville Trolley Video

Our video features the history and sights of the only train and riverboat tour of the Tahquamenon River and the Upper Tahquamenon Falls.  We want to give a special photo credit to McGill's Nature in Motion for their contribution of the photos for this video along with many on our website.



Please note: Reservations are strongly suggested. 

Color Tours through October 6th
For last minute reservations please call: 

1-906-876-2311 or 1-888-77-TRAIN    

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